UPDATED May 2021. Scroll down for a range of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) on training, events and joining that we hope will encourage you to ELT.


“How good do I have to be to swim with the club?” You need to able to swim at least 25 meters without stopping. This is so you can benefit from the sessions and our coaching.

“Can I just turn up?” Not during Covid restrictions. Please use the contact form on this website to seek update.

“How much is it to swim?” It’s £6 for all sessions.

“Do I have to be a member before coming to a session?” Not at all. You can attend up to three sessions as a trial to get a feel for the club before deciding whether to commit.

“What kinds of sessions do you offer?” We offer swim, bike and run sessions throughout the week, including forest runs, track sessions and group rides.

“Can anyone / any ability come?” Of course! Our club caters for all abilities, from beginners through to experienced triathletes. No matter what your level when you first come along, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.

“Do I need specific training gear?” Yes: SWIM: swimming cap, goggles, trunks/costume and fins. BIKE: fully working (road bike preferably), helmet, pump, puncture repair kit, fluids, mobile phone, money in case of emergency. RUN: trainers, fluids and appropriate clothing for the weather.

“How much does it cost?” TO JOIN: £50.00 per year. TO SWIM: £6.00 per session. TRACK RUN: £6.00 booked via Spond (track is at the Feel Good Centre). Our weekly forest run is free!

“What if I am injured? Should I still train?” The simple answer is no. All members need to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

“How do I find the pool?” We’re at Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre.


“Do I have to enter a triathlon?” Not at all – we’re happy to support you achieve whatever goal you’ve set yourself.

“What club events do you run?” Our club grand prix is a series of events where you can compete against other club members to grab those end of season trophies or simply find friendly faces as you line up at the start line. We also run a number of events for club members through the year such as this year’s inaugural orienteering race ‘the Highwayman’s Hoard’ in Epping Forest, the now legendary end of year hill climb challenge (bike and run) and a swim gala.


“How do I join?” Just go to the JOIN tab and follow instructions. It is all on-line and subscription is on an annual basis.

“Do I have to join before I have tried a session?” Not at all. You can attend up to three sessions as a trial to get a feel for the club before deciding whether to commit.

“Is there an age limit?” Yes, the sessions are for over 18 year olds only (no juniors at present).

“What if I do not want my pictures on the website?” We encourage respect and dignity for all our members and are happy to accommodate those who do not want their image used in club promotional material. Feel free to talk to the committee.

“Do you have club kit?” We sure do! You can buy a range of triathlon goodies from fashionable and functional tri suits through to swim bags in our stylish colours. Click here for more.

“What do I get as a member?” Club members have access to our sessions, coaching and member network, which will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. We have social events, great links with training and physio, a wide range of ages and a very inclusive ethos!