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My training this year has been interrupted quite a few times with injury and illness. In particular, I have had a problem with my Achilles tendon that has meant I have been prevented from running for a few weeks and have only recently got back to running longer distances with my ankle strapped.

I had been planning on keeping up the training for both the marathon and the half Ironman in parallel but the reality of daily life, especially with training interrupted by injury and moving house has meant I have only really had enough time to focus on the running in preparation for the marathon. I will have to take one event at a time!

My typical training schedule from around February – March was:

  • Try and go swimming once or twice a week
  • Go to the gym once or twice a week
  • Go running 2-3 times a week with one of those being a longer run (15km plus). Sometimes also doing the ELT track session (once every other week)

I have only managed to do one bike ride this year (Easter weekend) and may not get back into that until after the marathon at the end of May as it is quite difficult to fit in a long run for the marathon training and then do a long bike ride the next day! So far my longest run has been 26km. The longer the run the more challenging it is to decide where to go. So for this run I got the tube to Westminster, started at the Houses of Parliament and ran home to Buckhurst Hill. The long run distances step up from here over the next few weeks. The London marathon is provided a bit of inspiration although I hope it is not as hot in Edinburgh. 2 weeks to go until the marathon and I will have to worry about the half ironman training after that!

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