ELT has a range of triathlon, cycling and casual wear available to purchase at the clubshop website.  Not only will it make you look good, you will go faster as well. Honest.

The club code is: ELT2018

We keep a range of common sizes in stock of the cycle jerseys and triathlon race kit so you can buy this directly from the club, otherwise we will do 1-2 bulk orders per year.

Casual wear (hoodies, t-shirts, fleeces, polo shirts, beanies etc) need to be ordered directly from the website.

Other triathlon and cycling gear can be ordered directly from the website, however you will not benefit from the bulk discount. If you would like to order a piece of cycling/tri gear that we don’t keep in stock, your options are either to order directly from the website at the higher cost, or wait until we put another order in at which point you will be able to get the bulk discount.

All new club members will be entitled to a free ELT swimming cap, if you would like to purchase any additional caps simply get in contact with the Kit Officer.