history, committee, coaches, constitution and privacy notice

ELT is a very friendly and welcoming club with lots of people willing to offer advice and tips based on their own personal experience to those new to triathlon. The diversity in the club is fantastic: some of our members have been picked to represent GB in European and World Age Group Races, there are those who complete at Ironman level and we have members who train and race for pure enjoyment and as a great way to keep fit.


ELT was formed by Pete Eldridge and Alex Hunter. Pete had seen the media coverage of the 1984 Hawaii Ironman and thought it would be great to replicate a similar event here in UK. One day, a few members of a road runners club, including Pete, had a swim, then went down to the Eastway cycle track and did a few laps then went for a run. From here, the seeds were sown and after a few discussions and scouting missions came the original London Triathlon. Pete and a few others put together an event in which the competitors swam 1500 metres in the dock (no wetsuits!), cycled about 48 kilometres and ran for about 11 kilometres. Over 400 people took part and the winner was Glen Cook.

In 1985 Pete, Alex and others got together at East Ham Leisure Centre and formed East London Triathletes. The original core of members was only 20 maximum but it soon grew and continues to grow. The original members set the pace by racing all over the country, a tradition that has been upheld, and we have even spread our wings further afield by racing in Australia to Germany and Malaysia to Ireland. ELT organise an annual Duathlon called Dragon Slayer. In 2009 it was voted by Tri220 as toughest race in the Region, which is an amazing accolade, and the race is going from strength to strength. You can find out more about the Dragon Slayer, including the latest results and access to online entry for the next event.


ELT is run by a group of members who volunteer to stand for committee positions. Voting for these posts takes place on an annual basis at the AGM. Any club member is free to stand for the voted positions. The ELT 2021committee ratified at the AGM on 22/02/21 is:

  • Chair – Jack Henson
  • Treasurer – Lawrence Shafier
  • Secretary – Neill Whittaker
  • Membership – Justin McDermott
  • COVID-19 Officer – Keith Saunders
  • Health and Safety Officer – Dawn Hunter
  • Enquiries – Hefin Davies
  • Website – Justin McDermott and Paul Dominguez
  • General Organisers – Tim Stodell and Isabelle Schelcher
  • Vice Chair
  • Welfare Officer
  • Race/Events Organiser
  • Grand Prix Races / Awards
    Note 1 – Janet Bywater is continuing in 2021 to assist with the COVID-19
    Note 2 – Natasha Sevant volunteered to remain on the committee in
    2021 to handover to the new chair, secretary and membership
    Note 3 – The Vice Chair, Welfare Officer, Race/Events Organisers and
    other roles can be appointed during the year if members volunteer for
    these roles.

Coaches and Leaders

ELT is very proud to have such experienced and motivated coaches and leaders. By way of introduction:

  • Coaches (also lead runs)
    • Dawn Hunter (head coach). Dawn has several coaching qualifications and a vast amount of experience. She has been coach for the GB age group team for the world championships. Dawn is a British Triathlon Level 3 Coach, a British Cycling Club Coach, an ASA Swimming Teacher and YMCA Personal Trainer.
    • Michael Davis. BTF Level 2 Coach.
    • Zoe Woodward. Coaching Qualifications: UK Athletics Levels 1 & 2, Leadership in Running Fitness.
    • Tim Stodell. BTF level 1 Triathlon Coach.
    • Mark Fiander. BTF level 2 Triathlon Coach.
  • Run Leaders
    • Justin McDermott.
    • Hefin Davies.

East London Triathletes Constitution

1. Name 

The club will be called East London Triathletes and will be affiliated to Triathlon England. 

2. Aims and objectives 

The aims and objectives of the club will be: 

• To offer coaching, training and competitive multisport opportunities in triathlon. • To promote the club within the wider local community and the sport of triathlon. • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club. 

• To provide all its services in a way that is fair and inclusive. 

• To ensure that all members receive fair and equal treatment. 

3. Membership 

Membership should consist of officers and members of the club, where officers must also  be members. 

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will  be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the club has adopted. 

4. Membership fees 

Membership fees will be set annually and agreed by the Management Committee or determined at the Annual General Meeting. 

Fees will be paid annually. 

5. Officers of the club 

The officers of the club will be, at a minimum: 

• Chair 

• Secretary 

• Treasurer 

• Any other officer position required by Triathlon England 

Ideally plus other officer or committee member positions recommended by Triathlon  England and/or relevant to the club. 

Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. 

All officers will retire each year but will be eligible for re-election. 

6. Committee 

The club will be managed through the Management Committee consisting of the officers  and other committee members. Only these posts will have the right to vote at meetings of  the Management Committee.

The Management Committee will be convened by the Chair or Secretary of the club and  meetings shall be held no less than 4 times per year. 

The quorum required for business to be agreed at Management Committee meetings will  be: 3. 

The Management Committee will be responsible for adopting new policy, codes of conduct  and rules that affect the organisation of the club. 

The Management Committee will have powers to appoint additional officers and other  committee members, sub-committees and advisers to the Management Committee as  necessary to fulfil its business until the next Annual General Meeting. 

The Management Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who  infringe the club rules/regulations/ constitution. The Management Committee will be  responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings. 

7. Finance 

All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club. The Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the club and shall present annual and  interim account statements to committee members for review. 

The financial year of the club will end on: 31st December. 

A statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General  Meeting. 

8. Annual General Meetings 

Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be given to members. Not less than 21  clear days’ notice to be given to all members. 

The AGM will receive a report from officers of the Management Committee and a statement  of the accounts. 

Election of officers is to take place at the AGM. 

All members have the right to vote at the AGM. 

The quorum for AGMs will be 5% of membership. 

The Management Committee has the right to call Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs)  outside the AGM. Procedures for EGMs will be the same as for the AGM. Whilst all efforts will be made to hold meetings in person, AGMs and EGMs may be held  virtually via videoconferencing technology where necessary.  

9. Discipline and appeals 

All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the  Management Committee. 

The Management Committee will meet to hear complaints within 21 days of a complaint  being lodged. The committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including  the termination of membership. 

Where the complaint is against a member of the Management Committee, that member shall not participate in the process other than as a member against whom the complaint  was made.

The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged  the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the  hearing. 

There will be the right of appeal to the Management Committee following disciplinary action  being announced. The committee should consider the appeal within 21 days of the  Management Committee receiving the appeal. 

10. Dissolution 

A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority  vote of the membership. 

11. Amendments to the constitution  

The constitution will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at an AGM or  EGM. Amendments must be submitted and circulated 7 days in advance of the AGM or  EGM. 

12. Declaration 

East London Triathletes hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as a current operating  guide regulating the actions of members.