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After the Edinburgh marathon at the end of May, I needed to start training for triathlons again with the Vitruvian half iron man coming up on 8 September.

I had a week or so off after the marathon just to let my body recover and then I started back with the ELT weekly training – but with a special emphasis on swimming and cycling as I had been ignoring these a bit in the lead up to the marathon.

Unfortunately, I needed to have an operation on my nose which meant I could not swim for a couple of weeks so that set my training back a bit. However, I was able to cycle and so it gave me a chance to start doing a couple of long cycle rides a week. Having fully recovered from the operation, I got back into the swimming in the pool during the week and at Stubbers at the weekend.

My only triathlon race this summer was the London Triathlon on 5 August where I did the “Olympic Plus” event which is basically an Olympic distance but with an extra long bike ride (1500m swim; 80km bike; 12km run). It was a good event but a very hot day so I struggled a bit on the run. I finished in 4 hr 39 mins (3rd in my age group) but it made me realize that I needed to up my training for Vitruvian.

I now have a 4 week training plan in place in the lead up to Vitruvian so hopefully if I manage to get through that training over the next few weeks I will be well prepared for trying to complete Vitruvian on 8 September (without being the last to finish!)

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